Monday, January 19, 2015

things i hope to do after highschool ill be 20 or 21 then

So i am always thinking of where and what i want to do after high school one of the things i wanna do is move to Canada to go see my caretaker/papa wizzy because im a babyfur and caretakers need to take care of there babies and also im the only one he has not see in real life only in Skype but im trying to be more used to my diapees i may wear alot but that don't mean im not used to it still got to get used to wearing 24/7 i my be a babyfur but if i want any diapees then i have to get a job to help get me more diapers i plan on getting a job when i turn 18 also i want a fursuit when i stop growing i really really want one like so bad but i have to stop growing first but also i love all the diapees on this website they just look so cute and i really want them but they always run out :( i really miss my diapees i really want more diapees but since im getting money this month i wanna get a game this month ill get more next month in march hopefully but i will always be in my soft diapees until the day i die i will always be a baby and a gamer sometimes ill take a diaper from a store if i really want one the last thing i want after high school is to just finally be with my caretaker and just be in his warm and safe arms drinking my baba safe and sound thats really all i want after high school.

if u guys enjoyed it let me know what u guys think and if u want to hear anymore stories or just to talk about stuff.