Sunday, July 16, 2017

update on how i became on a abdl and found caretaker

Well hello everyone my name is jordan or energy wolf or just energy but today imma go in to how I 1st got into wear diapers and being a abdl then 2nd how I found my big/caretaker so anyways it all started when I was in middle school and I my age was 14 yrs old and how I go into diapers was my dislike on underwear/boxers and a bit of depression I'm not gonna go into detail about that but why it happen and why I wore diapers was because my dad passed during 5th grade I got over it during 8th grade then I need something beside games to make me happy 1st it was the brony community around 9th grade 2010 age 13 that keep me happy so I'm like " ok I wondered if there are other communities out there similar to this" and of course there was and that how I found the furry community I did weeks of research to confirm a lot of the lies I heard so I would not be disgusted and after all that research I did for myself I found there community  very very loving, open,and caring for each other and that was 2012 age 15 and finally we get to abdl um this started off with me finding a website called then I would talk to abdl/babyfur with a open mind about abdl's and they just explained in a simple way of doing this is just a way to relax from a streefull day some ppl like to put on a diaper and cuddle a stuff animal some other like to drink a beer or sleep or play music my responds was ok that makes sense we all have different ways to relax he went on to say that that is like the main source of why ppl are in the babyfur community and I say ok that sounds awesome then he finished of by saying have u tried a diaper on before my normal normie self would say no never not since I was one then told him I had to got to bed had school next day left that convocation in the dark about a two yr later 2014 age 17 I started wetting the bed did not think to much about it then I started wetting my pants for 7 months straight so I did not have the money to get diapers so I stole them for a month before I started making money from waking dogs and dog sitting then I went down to my Walgreen and bought pull up first I love them so much I was acting like a baby for like a month everyday when my mom and brother went to work and it was so stress relieving like that guy said and I could never sleep normal again could not sleep with out a 30" tiger that I named mr.tigy as long as I'm holding him or he's next to me I know I'm a happy little baby I have had mr.tigy for 3 yr and a purple joker themed stuffed bear named fluffy I have had for 4 yr I got him at six flags magic mountain, When I leave my house to go to friends houses I take fluffy to my abdl friends or my caretakers house that used to live in las Vegas and he moved to George I still love him as my big and he still loves me I'm a yr older than him but ill never adult so he will always be the daddy, Um lets go back to the diaper I got more to say on that so a year goes by of me wear diapers only on weekends my mom did not like it when she for my diapers 5 different times so long story short me and her always fought about diapers and why she did not approve of it she just said I was to old for it and it was a phase well in 2017 I reminded her that in 2014 that my lifestyle that I do to relive stress and just relax of wearing diapers and cuddle stuff animals I have been doing it for 3 almost 4 yrs so and when I talked to her she said that that I should never be afraid to tell her anything weather its things like this or anything I don't understand why she went from phase to I understand ill never understand her, But yeah I wear super open around her now she see it everyday its a normal thing to her now and finally how I met my caretaker/big I met kyle on facebook we talk almost everyday even now while I'm typing this we both know a lot about each other very well so my plan is to get a full time job save money to live in George even doe ik he would make me get a job if need but ik for now he will let me be full time baby but yeah how I met him was not that long just long story short we both love each other and I'm his baby boy and I'm his daddy for ever I never wanna lose him that's it da end if u have any other question don't be afraid to email me.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Update post

Sorry for the ppl that read my blogs I've been focusing more in school and my caretaker so I'm sorry in that I'll soon hope to have a new blog soon Guys bye bye.

Monday, January 19, 2015

things i hope to do after highschool ill be 20 or 21 then

So i am always thinking of where and what i want to do after high school one of the things i wanna do is move to Canada to go see my caretaker/papa wizzy because im a babyfur and caretakers need to take care of there babies and also im the only one he has not see in real life only in Skype but im trying to be more used to my diapees i may wear alot but that don't mean im not used to it still got to get used to wearing 24/7 i my be a babyfur but if i want any diapees then i have to get a job to help get me more diapers i plan on getting a job when i turn 18 also i want a fursuit when i stop growing i really really want one like so bad but i have to stop growing first but also i love all the diapees on this website they just look so cute and i really want them but they always run out :( i really miss my diapees i really want more diapees but since im getting money this month i wanna get a game this month ill get more next month in march hopefully but i will always be in my soft diapees until the day i die i will always be a baby and a gamer sometimes ill take a diaper from a store if i really want one the last thing i want after high school is to just finally be with my caretaker and just be in his warm and safe arms drinking my baba safe and sound thats really all i want after high school.

if u guys enjoyed it let me know what u guys think and if u want to hear anymore stories or just to talk about stuff.

Friday, November 1, 2013

how i became a babyfur/baby boy/teen baby

How i started being a tb or ab is when i was about 7 i always i had always bought diaper with the money i earned so i started buying baby diaper size 7 and wearing those and i loved how good they felt i was feeling more like a baby again and one day i hide the box and i guess my mom found it cause she called me to my room she did not say she saw them all she said was "may u please pull your shorts down baby" and i did not pull them down cause i was scared and was wet and stinky so my shorts fell down cause the belt i had on fell off and she said again" awww look at the little baby does Jordan need his diaper changed like a baby" i nodded yes like the baby mind i had so my mom picked me up cleaned me up and layed me down and grabbed a new diaper that had Elmo on it i loved Elmo then and still do now but anyways i was sucking my thumb while she was doing this and i mean since i was born my mom knew i enjoyed this so i was really happy so she babied till i got in elementary school then then she said "u need to be a big boy baby boy" and i said ok but that box of diaper and my mind said different so i continued to wear diapers i asked my brother to baby me when mommy was not around he loved babying he did it all the time so he was completely fine with it so my brother started babying when i got home from school and before school started he diapered me so he did that till i was 15 he got me adult diaper and i help with money to so we got alot he was basicly like the best brother dada ever but 1 year later he stoped cause now when ever school started this year 2013 he stoped but after so long of watching them change my diapers i found out how to change my own diapers so i started buying my own diapers adult diaper and then a little while after that i found my babyfur daddy and then once i hit 16 i stared being taken care of by my papa that i love today and i buy my own diaper my papa helps me when he can or if i most likey ask him he taking care of me and he loves me and that is how i became.