Friday, November 1, 2013

how i became a babyfur/baby boy/teen baby

How i started being a tb or ab is when i was about 7 i always i had always bought diaper with the money i earned so i started buying baby diaper size 7 and wearing those and i loved how good they felt i was feeling more like a baby again and one day i hide the box and i guess my mom found it cause she called me to my room she did not say she saw them all she said was "may u please pull your shorts down baby" and i did not pull them down cause i was scared and was wet and stinky so my shorts fell down cause the belt i had on fell off and she said again" awww look at the little baby does Jordan need his diaper changed like a baby" i nodded yes like the baby mind i had so my mom picked me up cleaned me up and layed me down and grabbed a new diaper that had Elmo on it i loved Elmo then and still do now but anyways i was sucking my thumb while she was doing this and i mean since i was born my mom knew i enjoyed this so i was really happy so she babied till i got in elementary school then then she said "u need to be a big boy baby boy" and i said ok but that box of diaper and my mind said different so i continued to wear diapers i asked my brother to baby me when mommy was not around he loved babying he did it all the time so he was completely fine with it so my brother started babying when i got home from school and before school started he diapered me so he did that till i was 15 he got me adult diaper and i help with money to so we got alot he was basicly like the best brother dada ever but 1 year later he stoped cause now when ever school started this year 2013 he stoped but after so long of watching them change my diapers i found out how to change my own diapers so i started buying my own diapers adult diaper and then a little while after that i found my babyfur daddy and then once i hit 16 i stared being taken care of by my papa that i love today and i buy my own diaper my papa helps me when he can or if i most likey ask him he taking care of me and he loves me and that is how i became.

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